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Eurotiles Industrial Corporation, is one of the leading manufacturer of Philippine ceramic tiles that carry the brand name EUROTILES SUPERIOR CERAMIC TILES.  The corporation was registered on June 1989 and started operation in 1992.


Before introducing the construction chemicals in the market, the plant was capable of producing up to 15,000 square meters of white-body ceramic tiles daily.  Operation is 24 hours per day with around 500 employees on rotating shifts. Production of ceramic tiles was done in a batch-type on a straight line automated set-up, incorporating German and Italian technology.

It was on July of 2002 when the company started producing Superior Tile Adhesive (25kg) to compliment its tile products, this tile bonding adhesive (TBA) can be used both for floor and wall coverings in interior and exterior application, and in 2003 another brand of TBA MATRIX (20kg) was introduced, this is to cater the price-conscious end-users. 


Over the past years, the product research and development team did not end their studies to come up with a variety of TBAs that will cater the different kinds of floor covering in the market,  having an experience in producing ceramic tiles, the technical team guaranteed the superior quality of each TBA products.

Year                       Product

2014            Porcelain Tile Adhesive (25 kg) 

2017            Heavy Duty Tile Adhesive (25kg)

2017            S1 Premium Flexible Tile Adhesive (25kg)


Every production batch of tile adhesive is tested for pull-off strength using state of the art electronically-calibrated testing machines with digital read-outs to ensure the market of its high quality outputs.


A long line of waterproofing and technical mortar products were introduced during the company's 25th anniversary proving its new tagline "Beyond Borders". Majority of these products were produced and imported from Taiwan under the strict supervision of Eurotiles Technical Team.


Eurotiles is committed to continually improve its products, services and processes to meet customers requirements and expectations as stated in their Quality Policy thus ensuring its clients and customers of superior quality products!

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