Eurotiles Basecoat 20 is a basecoat for EIFS and other architectural coatings and finishes. It serves as an adhesive for glass mat and exterior grade gypsum sheeting, cement boards, masonry and EIFS.

EPS adhesive

  • Exterior grade gypsum sheathing

  • Glass mat gypsum sheathing

  • Masonry, concrete

  • Cement board

Architectural coating and finishes (ACF) Leveler and filler

  • Masonry

  • Concrete

  • Stucco surfaces

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Sealer Matte/Gloss® is a single component, high performance primer engineered from quality silicone copolymer resins. The product is designed to deliver excellent adhesion, offers resistance to weathering for both external and internal surface applications, as well as outstanding water repellence to masonry surfaces.

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PRIMER 540 406

Eurotiles Primer 540 406 is a water-based, emulsion co-polymer of styrene and various acrylic monomers that are milky-white liquids with an ammonia or acrylic odor highly used for priming areas that have a high alkali content. Its superfine particles easily penetrate into the base or concrete. It also reduces the chance of efflorescence which may result from the cement content of various bases. These products are used in concrete and roofing applications to improve or provide flexibility, heat sealability, salt stability and/or water resistance. 

Uses (Exterior and Interior):

  • Architectural binder coatings

  • Cement mortar and concrete additives

  • Concrete membrane applications

  • Concrete sealing

  • Roof maintenance coatings

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