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Eurotiles UltraFlex 202 is a two component flexible hydraulic micro-mortar for the protection and waterproofing of masonry and concrete structures.


  • Reservoirs, water towers, engineering structures, retention tanks,

  • etc. swimming pools (bonded with Eurotiles S1 Flexible Tile Adhesive)

  • Under-tile sealant for both private and public swimming pools

  • Under-tile or mortar covering sealant for balconies, terraces and concrete

  • decks

  • Lift shaft basements, car parks, underground premises, etc. 


  • Excellent resistance to sea water and sulfated water

  • Can withstand micro cracking up to 4mm

  • High UV resistant

  • Flexible hydraulic micro-morta

Eurotiles UltraFlex 202


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